10 must have items for an at-home spa night

Who doesn’t love relaxing after a long day or week? I know I do! What better way to relax than to pamper yourself with a bath and beauty treatment? Here are some things for a perfect bath and after-bath relaxation session.

Epsom-Salt1. Epsom Salt

One thing that I always add to my bath is Epsom Salt. Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and acts as a natural muscle relaxer. Just add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath, get in and let the relaxing begin. Epsom salt also helps to soothe painful bruises and sprains, deep clean skin and pores, and reduce stiffness and soreness in joints. Epsom salt is great for detoxing and getting rid of excess water from your body, so it’s perfect for those days you feel a little bloated, just make sure you drink water before your bath so you don’t get dehydrated.

At Manteca Grocery Outlet I have 100% Natural Mineral Epsom Salt in two sizes. 0.22 oz for $1.49 and 3 lbs for $2.49.

baking soda2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another staple in my baths. Baking soda is all around good for your skin and also makes for a great detoxing bath. Just add 1-2 cups of baking soda to your bath and soak in it for about 30 minutes. I love how my skin feels extra soft after I take a baking soda and epsom salt bath!

We have Hearth Club by Clabber Girl Baking Soda in a 16 oz size for only $.69!

Raspberry and cream3. Bubble Bath

Bubbles are my favorite thing about a bath! I couldn’t even tell you why, but they make me happy. There is a delicious smelling 20 fl oz Raspberry Vanilla Bubble Bath for only $.99 in our Health and Beauty Section.

olive oil4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is so good for your hair, skin, and nails. Adding it to your bath will help to make you skin deliciously soft and moisturized. You can also use it in place of shaving cream! You can get a 33.8 fl oz bottle of Premium California Cullen Creek Olive Oil for only $3.99 at Grocery Outlet! And if it turns out you love using olive oil in your beauty regimen, you can get 67.6 fl oz of Botticelli Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive OIl for $13.99.

eo body lotion5. Body Lotion

After a bath I love to cover my whole body with lotion. It feels especially good after a nice relaxing bath. We have Essential Organics Body Lotion in Lemon Verbena and Lavender. Just $7.99 for a 32 fl oz bottle!

spa cream6. Face Cream

I love having a yummy smelling face cream and this goat’s milk and vanilla one from Verona’s Natural Line smells like vanilla pudding. It smells so yummy I really just want to taste it. Just a little. You can get 5.9 fl oz of this face cream for $2.99.

nose strips7. Nose Strips

I try to clean out the pores on my nose at least once a week because those pores seemed to get clogged a lot faster than the rest of my face. I use Epielle Deep Cleansing Nose Strips. You can get a pack of three for only $.99 at Manteca Grocery Outlet.

facial cleansing buff8. Facial Cleansing Buff

I just recently started using this extra gentle facial cleansing buff I bought at Grocery Outlet. I love it because it doesn’t feel like I am scratching my face off and my skin feels pretty amazing afterwards. You just put a little of your normal face wash on it and use it to lightly scrub your face in a circular motion. One of these cute pink raindrop shaped sponges is only $.99.

face mask9. Face Mask

I like using face masks because of the way they make my skin feel, but they tend to be messy. Then I found these great face masks by Epielle at Grocery Outlet, they are awesome because they are like an actual mask that comes in a packet and you just put it on your face, no mess involved! We have a Firming Lifting with Vitamin C, a Green Tea and Aloe, a Cucumber, and a Collagen with Vitamin E mask for $.69 each.

colormates10. Nail Polish

What better way is there to top off an at home spa session than a new shade of nail polish. I love nail polish, but I love my money more and I just cannot justify spending almost ten dollars on a bottle. Although I have bought an $8 bottle because I thought that if it’s that expensive, it must be great, right? Except when I used it, I had bubbles on my nails after it dried. That isn’t really what I was hoping for. I recently bought some nail polish from Grocery Outlet and I really really like it. You can get Colormates Nail Polish for $.99 a bottle, a 5 pack of Sally Hansen Nail Color for $5.99, a 4 pack of Revlon Nail Color for $4.99, or a 7 pack of Revlon Nail Color for $6.99. At first I didn’t want to but the 4 packs because I only liked two of the colors, but then I thought about it and realized that $5 for four colors was still cheaper that $8 for just one. I ended keeping the two that I liked and giving the other two to my friend, so that worked out great!

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